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Court LogoSirmaur District Court Jobs 08/12/2023: Before describing the other details, it is necessary to give a brief account of the system of Civil and Criminal Justice that prevailed previously in Sirmaur District. Earlier, Sirmaur was a Princely State. During the reign of the 42nd Ruler, Raja Fateh Prakash Criminal Cases were decided by the ordeal system/method.

There were four methods namely (i) swearing by ‘Ishwar Jagan Nath’, (ii) ‘Dib Ghara Gola; (iii) ‘Dib Dali and (iv) Dib Karachi’. There was yet another method called ‘Jal Dobani’. In Civil matters, Raja used to hold an open Court known as Darbar, Once or twice a week. The Court/Darbar’s proceedings were recorded in Hindi. The complaints could be made in the Sirmauri script, based on Nagari letters.

Prior to the accession of Raja Shamsher Prakash, Civil Justice in Sirmaur State was administered according to the old system, and practically everything came to the Ruler/Raja for a final decision.

However, 44th Ruler Raja Shamsher Parkash embarked upon reforms, as there were no clear Laws/Rules and no set standards of Justice. Raja’s word was the law of the day. Raja Shamsher Prakash decided to follow the Law and Pattern of the British Indian Government.

To start, he introduced in Sirmaur State, the Civil and Criminal Procedure codes of British India. He organized regular Courts under these Codes. The successor of Raja Shamsher Prakash, the 45th Ruler, Raja Surinder Prakash, remodeled the Judicial System introduced by Raja Shamsher Prakash, which was further improved by 46th Ruler, H.H. Maharaja Amar Prakash.

Practically all General and important Laws and enactments in force in British India and particularly in Punjab were invariably adopted for Sirmaur State unless they were unsuitable for local conditions. Earlier, Tehsildars were invested with the Powers of Magistrate IInd Class and also that of Subordinate Judge.

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Sirmaur District Court mainly consists of the recruitment of Peon, Stenographer, Lower Division Clerk (LDC), Upper Division Clerk (UDC), Village Accountant, Process Server, Typist which is very much liked by the youth. We constantly update the Sirmaur District Court Jobs 2023 List for you and this happens when the Sirmaur district court issues any recruitment, result

, admit card, etc notification. Here you can get all the latest Sirmaur court jobs 2023 notification.

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